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MPS Members Advocate for their patients everyday big and small. Listed here are current and past advocacy campaigns done by MPS Members


CPS: Antiracism Initiative

The Canadian Pediatric Society is advocating to add Antiracism as the SIXTH pillar of the Canada Health Act. Lend your voice through:

Antiracism Initiative


CPS: Take Action on Vaping

The Canadian Pediatric Society is speaking out about vaping. We are asking you to take action on youth vaping by writing to your health minister to ban ALL flavoured nicotine vaping products. Add your voice through:

Take Action on Youth Vaping


Share the Magic

Over 21K books handed out by pediatricians during 'I Love to Read' Month.

#Dr. Norman McLean


Sleeping Baby

Proper Sleeping

Dr. Grimes and Dr. Hanlon-Dearman teamed up to give advice on the hours of sleep recommended


#Dr. Ruth Grimes


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